Virtual 3D Modeling

The cutting edge of real estate marketing.

Virtual 3D Modeling is a cutting edge technology that captures an exact image of any interior space and creates a model of it that one can enter and explore from anywhere in the world. After the model is created, ‘snapshots’ are taken and a virtual tour is created. This can be played at any time or the viewer can assume control and explore the model in their own way.

Three views are possible: the interior view, the dollhouse view and the floor plan view. These can be experienced on a traditional monitor and now in spectacular fashion in Virtual Reality with the use of Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.


The interior view provides a walk-through experience that gives one a true sense of the flow and feel of the space. ‘Tags’ can be added to highlight features within the model bringing attention to what makes the space special.

Click on the model below. You can either watch the tour or click on it and explore it on your own using your mouse and arrow keys.

A beautiful waterfront home south of Powell River, BC.


See the house in it’s entirety. Manipulate it around 3 axis, zoom in and out. You can also isolate floors and view each of them separately. This offers a 3D perspective of the entire space.


See each floor from a birds eye 2D perspective. This view rounds out the experience to give a complete picture of the layout of the space. It can be manipulated around 2 axis and magnified.


New software developments now allow for 360° exterior images to be taken. These are then included within the highlight reel of the model and become part of the virtual tour. In this way, the entire property can be presented in one neat package including features such as a detached garage, greenhouse, garden or a stunning view.

“Jonathan Huck’s Immersive Imaging is a great way to market a home for sale.  The viewer has lots of control over seeing the whole house rather than selected photos. Jonathan provides prompt, quality service and was quick to review and revise his work to improve or enhance the quality of his work. I have no hesitation in recommending him and the product he offers to anyone selling a home.”

Bill Bailey, Realtor – Royal LePAGE Powell River